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Tow Trucking Service

tow trucking service

A tow trucker, also known as a tow truck driver or operator, offers a variety of vehicle-related repair and hauling services to non-commercial and commercial vehicle drivers, police, municipalities, and even other tow truckers. To perform this job professionally and effectively, you need to know the types of tasks employers and customers expect you to be able to complete.


Tow truckers are expected to offer emergency roadside towing services when dealing with situations that can’t fix on-site, such as large repair problems or totaled vehicles. We offer a variety of other towing services, such as police impound and abandoned vehicle towing. Our tow truck drivers are experienced in using towing-related tools, such as wheel straps, motorcycle straps, safety chains, and J hooks, and they must appropriately secure a vehicle so that it doesn’t suffer damage during transport.

Customer Service

When we receive a call, we must respond in a timely fashion and provide excellent customer service skills on the scene. Excellent customer service includes greeting the customer courteously and with a smile. Our tow truck operator always shows empathy when customers are upset. Our operators speak professionally and clearly and use active listening skills to determine the nature of the customer’s problem. Our expertise with different types of vehicles, parts, vehicle maintenance, and repair.