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home car wash services

Home Car Wash Service

Home Car Wash Service

The car’s performance depends on the way it is maintained. It is important to wash and keep the car clean. It will increase the trade value. Home car wash service is a low-cost way to protect the value and maintain appearance. Bugs, dirt, pollen, tree sap, air pollutants, can all damage the finish and paint the vehicle. Manufacturers recommend a weekly car wash, but it also depends on personal preferences and other factors like:
● The area where you live
● Elements like heat, cold, sun, snow, salt, pollution, rain, and wind
● Closeness to a construction site
● Insects, and bugs hitting the car affect the look of your vehicle
● Place of parking

Reasons To Wash Your Car

● Car wash helps to protect the paint job:- Dirt, bugs, salt damage the metal beneath, if left untreated.
● Home Car wash Service helps increase fuel efficiency:- A layer of dirt increases drag. Thus using more fuel.
● A regular car wash keeps your car’s appearance best and increases its resale value. A car wash may be done at home or can be done by professional technicians. Both have certain advantages and disadvantages.
❏ Professional car washes use automatic pressure pipes to clean quickly and easily. However, it may not notice little details, which a self car wash can.
❏ Some commercial car washes use harsh brushing, damaging the car’s finish. On the other hand, people washing the car with detergents removes car wax. Exposure to direct sunlight during car wash burns spots in the paint.
❏ Water after car wash goes to drains and pollutes water. Whereas, in a commercial car wash, contaminants are treated by a water treatment system.
❏ Self-car washes are cheaper than commercial car washes.
❏ Moreover, commercial car washes save time and are hassle-free.

Different Types Of Car Wash

Handwash: It is the safest method as compared to pressurized foam cannons. However, it takes more time, more equipment, and lots of water.
Water wash: It uses only spray-bottle products and several microfiber towels.
Rinseless wash: Use a rinseless wash product mix in a bucket of water, wash and dry. It is as simple and easy as that.
Automatic Wash: Driving vehicle onto a conveyor belt leading to a series of brushes and
blowers. The Municipality Council in UAE urged shops offering car wash service to use modern devices, so to minimize water waste.
Brushless wash: It uses strips of soft cloth in place of bristles in its machinery.
Touchless wash: It uses chemical cleaners, pressure washers, and pressurized air for a car wash. As too much and inappropriate use of harsh chemicals and rough brushes may damage the car’s appearance, handwash is the best form of car wash. Our Rapid Action Roadside Assistance team will provide you the best home car wash service using the best-in-class service. Our three-step waterless process: clean, prepare and shine, provides a long-lasting finish to your car. We use high-quality clay bars, car wax, and microfiber towels for the same. Our Antibacterial process with interior vacuuming, cleaning of upholstery, carpets, panels, and windows will give you 99.9% bacteria and virus-free interiors. Steam cleaning is also available for exteriors and interiors. This helps in removing oil, grease, and dirt from the exterior surface. Interior upholstery, surface, and carpet cleaning remove odor and bacteria from the interior surface. We offer the following services:
Engine clean with chemicals: When you find your engine greasy, it’s time to degrease the engine using a degreaser. It is a chemical used to easily clean the engine. Before that, dust and other waste must be removed from the engine bay. Cleaning and degreasing ensure that it runs smoothly and prolongs its life.
Detailing & sanitizing: Detailing is done to remove interior and exterior contaminants to give a finish. It includes giving a finish to the tires, windows, wheels, etc. in the exteriors, and deep cleaning of the interior cabin.
Body steam clean & waxing: Steam cleaning involves the use of pressurized steam vapor. Steam cleaning breaks the dirt fast and hence, it’s easier to clean. It does not damage the car as the manufacturers coat the car to protect it from UV rays. Therefore, steam heat which comes at around 230 degrees F does not degrade the surface. Car waxing gives a coating to the car protecting it from UV rays and water. Wax helps the water flow out easily from the surface. It fills the gaps caused by scratches and other imperfections.
AC Disinfection: Your car AC is clean as long as it’s evaporated is clean and unblocked. When it is filled with dirt, AC cooling reduces and the air gets contaminated with microbes. So, it is important to periodically check and clean the car AC considering the health of the passengers.
Proper Vacuum & carpet clean: A proper vacuum clean is required to remove the dust particles from the interior of the car including the carpets, seats, and car upholstery.
Interior dashboard clean & Polish: Dashboard may become sticky and may contain grime. Dirt attracts germs, therefore, making the car interior unhealthy too. After cleaning, the dashboard is polished. Polish is of two types: glossy and matte.
Baby seat steam: Heat produced by steam helps in cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces. It helps to disinfect the seats, ensuring safety for the baby. It is a non-toxic way to wash car seats.
● Seat Steam: Seat steam cleaning is safe on both cloth and leather car seats.
It is safe for people with allergies and asthma. It is a natural sanitizing and deodorizing agent with no chemical odor.
Glass Clean: Window cleaning requires proper technique and the right tools. A microfibre towel is preferred by technicians for glass cleaning. An
automotive glass cleaner is used for cleaning the glass without a speck.
Tire polish & shining: After miles of driving, tires become dull, scuff marks and even scratches appear on them. Tire cleaning and shining improve the
overall performance of the tires.


Our team at Rapid Action Roadside Assistance provides you the best car wash experience by using appropriate tools and techniques. For home car wash service you can call or register on our website rapidaction.ae. We provide 24/7 hours service. Other services at Rapid Action Roadside assistance are tire replacement, Car battery replacement, Car fuel delivery, Car oil change, Car jump-start, Car AC gas filling, and Car registration. Contact us for hassle-free, quick, and best services.

Tire Replacement Service

Tire Replacement Service

Tyre Replacement Service

Driving on rough surfaces results in flat tires. Flat tires may occur at any time. In such a situation, it is advisable to slow down gradually and pull off the road. Continuing driving even after puncture may damage the tires or other parts of the vehicle. Driving with flat tires at high speed may cause accidents. Moreover, self-changing the tires has a risk of injury. As Goodyear states “Driving on a flat tire can cause internal structural damage to the tire, may lead to wheel and vehicle damage and may result in poor vehicle handling and control — which could lead to an accident, injury or death”. According to Cooper, tires are driven even a short distance while under-inflated may be damaged beyond repair. Running a tire underinflated is like running the vehicle’s engine without enough oil or coolant. It may seem to work fine for a time, but serious permanent damage has occurred. Adding oil or coolant won’t repair engine damage, and adding inflation pressure won’t fix tire damage”. Therefore, it would be best to seek the help of a tire replacement service. Rapid Action Roadside Assistance offers an immediate solution to your problem.

Causes of Flat tires

1) Puncture by Sharp Object
2) Failure or Damage to the Valve Stem
3) Rubbed or Ripped Tire
4) Tire Bead Leaks
5) Vandalism
6) Separation of Tire and Rim by Collision with Another Object
7) Over-Pumped Tires
8) Alloy Wheel Leaks
9) Road Hazards
10) Unexpected Damage
Flat tires may have to be repaired using a tire plug or tire patch method. For small punctures, a tire plug method is used. Whereas, for large punctures, the patch method is used. Rapid Action Roadside Assistance team has the most skilled and professional auto technicians. We have branded tire collections suitable for different types of vehicles. The tire collection has original tires with a warranty, and are provided at highly competitive prices. In the middle of the journey, if you experience flat tires it is advised to halt and give us a ring. Our technical team reaches the spot quickly and provides you with the necessary assistance. We offer the following services:
● Tire repair: Repair the punctured tires quickly and effectively.
● Detailed inspection: A detailed inspection helps to ensure the durability of the tire during the journey.
● Tire pressure check: Low pressure in tires damages them. Air filling or nitrogen filling may be required. Nitrogen-filled tires last longer.
● Fix tire imbalance: The wheel balancing has to be fixed for the smooth running of the vehicles.
● Tire installation: In case of damaged tyres, new tyres have to be installed. In some cases, tire issues can be safely repaired. While in other cases, the entire tire needs to be replaced. Repairable damage is when the puncture is less than ¼ inch. If the tread depth is less than 1/16 inch, the tire should be replaced. Sidewall of the tire is much more sensitive than the tread area. This damages the whole structure of the tire and may blow out any moment. The tire has to be removed to inspect the interiors. If the sidewall is damaged, then it is better to replace. If the damage is in the tread, it can be repaired only if the cut is less than a quarter inch. You can purchase new or used tires of the same size to replace the damaged. However, it is better to replace both the tires because different tire diameters will cause stress to transmission.


All-season passenger


  • All-season tires
  • Most popular. Designed to handle most conditions, including dry and wet pavement and light to moderate snow. Good tread life.

  • Performance tires
  • Higher. Emphasis on handling. Shorter tread life.

  • Grand Touring tires
  • Higher. Good traction in dry or wet conditions. Comfortable, quiet ride.

  • Ultra-high
  • Highest. Extra grip and traction. Stiffer ride. Shorter tread life.

Summer tires
  • High
  • Good handling and traction on wet or dry surfaces. Not all-season.

  • Ultra-high
  • Highest and traction in wet or dry conditions. Stiff ride. Short tread life. Not all-season.

All-season, light-truck/SUV tires
  • All-season tires
  • For crossovers, SUVs, or light trucks. Comfortable ride combined with all-season, wet and dry traction.

  • Crossover/SUV touring tires
  • Sporty look, superior all-season traction. Good ride quality and noise comfort.

All-terrain light-truck tires
  • All terrain on/off road tires
  • Rugged styling. Multifaceted tread blocks for good all-season traction on asphalt, gravel, dirt roads and light snow.

Winter/snow passenger tires
  • Winter/snow tires
  • Designed for superior grip in snow.Large number of biting edges for improved traction. Softer rubber construction prevents hardening in cold condition s.

Winter/snow light-truck/SUV tires
  • Winter/snow tires
  • Same characteristic as above. Designed for light trucks and SUVs.

Car Battery Replacement

Car Battery Replacement

One of the most important parts of a functioning vehicle and yet a part that we neglect as often as we possibly can.

Nearly every morning, before we get on our way to work we rely on the battery to keep the charge provided by the alternator on the last drive and use the very same charge to start the engine.

The initial power provided by the battery on the first start of the morning is also called cold-cranking amps, and is marked as CCA on the battery specification, yet another thing about batteries that many ignore when replacing one.

Our trained technicians at Rapid Action Roadside Assistance, are very familiar with this issue, and this is why they are the best option when it comes to choosing the right service for your next battery replacement.

Car Battery Brands we Deal with:

Battery life depends on many factors of the battery usage however, one of the most important ones is a good quality car battery replacement, like the battery brands that our services provide Varta, AC Delco, Duracell, Amaron, Zeetex, Energizer, Solite, Exide, Panasonic, AGM, and Bosch.

Nearly all of the brands that we supply, provide a little plastic see-thru circle, showing different colors depending on the current state of the battery, an issue that can usually be avoided by a quick inspection by our trained staff.

This check is an advisable precaution that can provide much-needed information about the condition of your current battery, thus making sure that the car will start every time you turn the key or press the appropriate starting button.

So what are the things you can do to prolong the life of any battery that you are using at the moment?

The most important thing to know is that extremely short drives, are the worst thing you can do for your battery.

Every time you start your vehicle, your battery gets depleted to a certain level which is to be charged by the alternator on the next drive, meaning that a short drive will not replace the charge used to start the vehicle so the battery gets depleted further and further, thus cutting the battery life shorter and shorter.

So remember, timely battery inspection is the best safety measure you have against sitting in a car with a dead battery in the morning, so give us a call and let’s make sure you have all the necessary cranking amps at your disposal, every time you need them.

For Car battery replacement, we give a 12month, 18-month, and 24-month warranty. We replace the batteries free of cost if there is any problem with the battery. We come to you at your location, we have the best rates and 24/7 technical support, call- center service, and technicians.


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home car wash services

Home Car Wash Service

Car Battery Replacement

Car Battery Replacement